Support each other

On the road together

Namur Marathon

Our first marathon together. For Sarah it was also her very first!

Half marathon Mont Ventoux

You can't only climb Mont Ventoux by bike. This running competition challenges you to climb the barren mountain while walking. It was tough, but what an experience. Recommended!

The long distances


Record 24 hour run of Leuven

In 2018 I ran 170 laps for charity during the 24 hour run. Good for 93km and a record.

First Marathon

2019 brought me my first marathon. I walked this in beautiful Stockholm.

One More Walk

You walk a lap of 6.7 km every hour. I lasted 16 laps (about 111km). We started at 5 am and I walked until 9 pm.

Trail de Glüsch

23km with more than 1,200 meters of elevation gain up to 2,900m in Switzerland. For the first time a trail of this caliber. But what an experience.

Dreams and goals

My next big goal is to participate in the Berlin Marathon as a fast runner. For this I need to have a recorded time under 2 hours 45 minutes. Currently my fastest marathon was Paris in 2 hours 53 minutes . In 2023 I will run in Rotterdam to sharpen my PR.

No challenge too big


Ever since I was young, I have been a part of the local athletics club ABES. Not much later I also gave training there and the 10 Miles of Antwerp became a permanent appointment in my agenda.

First half marathon

In 2021 I ran a half marathon around Leuven for the first time.

Pontresina run

During our stay in Sankt Moritz I took part in the Pontresina run. A breathtaking environment to walk in.

Half Course weekend

Besides running, I also like cycling and swimming. The step to get a taste of the triathlon event was therefore not that difficult. The Half Course is a 1.8km open water swim on Friday, a 90km bike ride on Saturday and a half marathon run on Sunday. This experience in Nieuwpoort already left me wanting more!

Dreams and goals

A second marathon is definitely on my schedule. I now know what to expect and I want to go for it again. Leiden 2023 is the deal.

Furthermore, I want to enjoy swimming in the open air even more. This was a very nice experience for me and I will certainly develop it further in the future.

Record 24 hour run