Inspiring running routes

Whether you wear our clothing on your regular weekly route, try a challenging running route or are at the start of a competition, Little by Little will always have your back. Because Little by Little believes in the power of every athlete to achieve their own goals, Little by Little .

At Little by Little we are avid runners ourselves. Running shoes and a good sports outfit, that's all you need to go out. Most runners have a fixed environment where they cover most of their miles. Despite the beauty of your familiar walking environment, there are so many beautiful places in Flanders, Belgium and the world to discover while walking. We would like to help you discover by offering inspiring walking routes.

With Little by Little we have the ambition to inspire you to explore new running locations. Each collection is dedicated to a unique running location.

GR 5A Coastal Route

For our first collection we looked for inspiration from our Belgian sea. The diversity of the beach, dunes, sea dike and remote nature trails form the ideal backdrop for a challenging running course.

The coastal route starts in De Panne at the GR tree on Oostergrenspad and runs to Wenduine. During this route you will pass countless iconic places on our coast.

De Hoge Blekker – De Doornpanne – The Albert monument – ​​De Calidris – The Queen of seaside towns – Vosseslag and several Lighthouses and so much more

Do these names sound familiar to you? It is no coincidence that these are also the names from our first collection.

For more information about the GR 5A coastal route you can go here .

Did you know that the coastal route also has a 'fastest known time' ? People who have completed this route will upload this and you will get an overview of all the people who have already completed this route. We also find ultra runner Karel Sabbe in this overview. Fancy trying to run faster than Sabbe?

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