Belgian sustainable sportswear

At Little by Little we believe in thorough sustainability. We strive for the most sustainable option in every activity we carry out.

For example, the clothing is made from recycled materials, our website runs on renewable energy and we fully strive for Belgian top quality.

Our clothing is made in Belgium. In this way we not only reduce transport kilometers, but we also produce under the strictest environmental standards and with respect for everyone involved. Just as it should be!

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Limited edition winter collection

This winter we started working with the residual materials from our summer collection.

Our mission was to create high-quality winter items based on the residual materials from the summer collection.

  • The fabric of the Hoge Blekker thus forms the basis for our Zeebos, the long-sleeved shirt.

  • The coral fabric of the Doornpanne forms the elegant and sporty strip for the Zwin, the winter women's leggings.

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Unique running locations

Little by Little wants to inspire people to walk. Unique running locations form the basis for our collections. For our first collection the GR 5A route the inspiration.

Be inspired by us, but also by all the other runners who are part of our community. Little by Little we go for it together. For inspiring sports, alone and in groups, in the most sustainable way.

By wearing Little by Little you show that you have a heart for sports and the world.

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