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How long will my shipment take?

We bring deliveries to Bpost on Mondays and Thursdays. At Bpost we assume a delivery time of a maximum of 2 working days. An order placed on Friday will be delivered on Wednesday at the latest.
After we have delivered the package to Bpost, you will receive an email with your track & trace number and expected arrival time.

Why do I pay for my shipping?

We know that many companies offer free shipping. However, we are convinced that if we want a sustainable delivery service sector, we must pay a fair price for it and not take it for granted that this would be free.
With Little by Little we consciously choose to work with Bpost and we fully opt for sustainable packaging. With this decision, we choose to work with partners where the social conditions of employees are respected and we opt for a minimal environmental impact.

Why do I receive my package in already used packaging?

For packaging, we work with Bpost's sustainable packaging, but we also reuse other packaging. We want to keep the impact of our shipments and packaging as minimal as possible and therefore prefer reuse. You may receive your package in packaging that has already been used for several trips. Quality and safe shipping remains primary. We therefore only reuse packaging if the packaging is still in good condition.

Does Little by Little have its own stores?

We currently do not have our own stores, but our products can be found at stores that promote our mission. You will find an overview of our stores here

How to handle our products sustainably?

We ensure a sustainable production process and the delivery of a high-quality product, now it is up to you to ensure sustainable care. We would like to give you some tips.

1. Wash our products at a maximum of 30 degrees
2. It is not necessary to use fabric softener. If desired, you can use a little vinegar to remove strong odors.
3. Avoid a dryer. Our products dry quite quickly, so it would be a waste of energy to put them in a dryer. This also saves electricity and money!
4. Wear it as much as possible. We provide quality products that last a long time. The more you wear it, the more pleasure you get from your purchase and the raw materials used.
5. Recycling. Can you no longer wear your product? Contact us and we will ensure that you can return it. We will then work on recycling it into a new product. To reward you for this, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase. A real win-win.

Do you do recycling?

Our designs are designed to be in fact timeless. This, in combination with the quality we stand for, ensures that our products can last for years.

For the passionate runner, it can always happen that certain products have seen their best days and you no longer wear them. For these products, we would like to give you the opportunity to return them instead of throwing them away. This way we can collect these clothes and use them again as raw material for new products and we would like to reward you with a 10% discount on your next purchase. A real win-win.

Contact us for more information!

Where are the Little by Little products produced?

Our clothing is produced entirely in Belgium and our fabrics are also Belgian. With this we not only opt for minimizing transport kilometers but also for top quality and sustainability. We found this Belgian partner in Liebaert. Read more about it here

Can I get an invoice?

Would you like an invoice for your purchase at Little by Little? Please send an email to contact@littlebylittlesports.be stating your order number and we will be happy to send your invoice.

Which products belong to the coastal collection?

Our coastal collection consists of the Calidris, Doornpanne, Vosseslag, Albert, Koningin, Vuurtoren and Hoge Blekker. So it's about the clothing items and not the accessories.

– The 10% discount code when signing up for the newsletter is valid on items from the coastal collection.

– To be eligible for the gift vouchers given away during the PreSale, you must also purchase an item from the coastal collection.