Authentic durability

Nowadays everyone is talking about sustainable entrepreneurship. The challenges we face as a society are significant. Urgent change is also needed in the textile and clothing industry.

Nowadays everyone is talking about sustainable entrepreneurship. The challenges we face as a society are significant. Urgent change is also needed in the textile and clothing industry.

How do we see sustainability?

We extend sustainability to our entire business operations. In every choice we make, we choose the most sustainable option. Every step in the process is considered. So we like to talk about authentic sustainability.

To design our first collection, we based ourselves on the 'Close The Loop' model from Vlaanderen Circulair and Flanders DC.

  • Raw materials – Our Belgian fabrics mainly consist of polyamide. We use pre-consumer fabric waste here. These are substances that can no longer be used by the factory and that we can therefore give a second life instead of throwing away. Our fabrics also have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label. This means we guarantee 100% safe substances. Our fabrics are produced in Belgium.

    Design – Our timeless designs in combination with our top quality ensure that our designs last longer than a few seasons. We want everyone to enjoy our clothing for as long as possible. When designing, we also take the recyclability of our clothing into account. For example, we deliberately do not use zippers to make bags. This makes reuse more difficult.

    Production – We are proud to say that our clothing and fabrics are 100% produced within Belgium. We consciously choose to produce under the strictest environmental standards and good working conditions. This also ensures us the necessary top quality that we owe you.

    Sales – We do not go along with the fast-fashion story of multiple collections per year and producing as much as possible. We are going to let our collections follow each other in a natural way. When it comes to packaging, we work with our own surpluses and always opt for the most environmentally friendly choice. For example, we work with agricultural waste for our cards. In our search for sales partners, we find it important that these partners join the sustainable story.

    Use – To ensure that you can enjoy our clothes even longer, we provide extra tips for washing and maintaining the clothes. You will find the most important information on the washing label.

    End of life
    – You can return old/broken clothes in exchange for a 10% discount code. We will work with this clothing to create a new product.

  • Systems Thinking – Sustainability is the core criteria for every decision we make in our production process. We are convinced that this is the new way of working. We realize that we still have steps to take and are obliged to continuously challenge ourselves and continue to improve.

For us, authentic sustainability goes further than just the production process

  • Financial – A company continuously makes financial transactions. Choosing a bank that invests in a sustainable future is therefore not unimportant. For this we believe in a collaboration with the sustainable Triodos .

    Website – Data centers emit approximately the same amount of CO2 as the aviation sector. Choosing sustainable web hosting is therefore crucial to limit the impact of the hosting sector. Our website runs 100% on renewable energy.

    Partners – We expect our partners to contribute to sustainability. Initially, we always look for Belgian entrepreneurs with an equally big heart for sustainability. We process our orders via Bpost. This company offers a sustainable packaging and shipping option and takes care of the social working conditions of its employees.

    Transport – Because both our fabrics and production are Belgian, transport is literally limited to only tens of kilometers.

    – Little by Little works on renewable energy! Our website, office space and production run on renewable energy.

    – Sustainability also requires trust in us as a company and in you as a customer to make the sustainable choice. We would like to provide more insight into our pricing .

    Goals for the future – We are aware that working with synthetic materials still has an impact on the environment. We currently work with pre-consumer recycled fabrics. This is ideally a source of waste that is becoming smaller and smaller. We are also currently working on end-of-life take-back.